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30 incredible transformations

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✖ 30 HOUSHIN ✖

30_Houshin is a community for writers inspired by similar 30_theme communities, such as 30_hugs, 30_kisses, 30_lemons, and so on. 30_Houshin a low-pressure community for Sailor Moon crossover writers with the goal of fostering a tighter Sailor Moon Crossover community that spans all characters, pairings, and series in affiliation.

The main idea of this community is that each person will pick a senshi to work with and complete 30 oneshots or chapters to a longer piece based upon the thirty themes listed below. Because of the nature of this community and the fact that a single pairing is not required to exist throughout all of the pieces, there will be no limit as to a number of people who can work with a character, though diversity is encouraged.

Although 30_Houshin’s name suggests that the Senshi are the characters the community is largely focusing on, and I expect those will be the most used characters, minor characters (like Shingo or Naru), villians (like Queen Beryl or Ail), or non-senshi (like Mamoru) are also permissible. Characters that show up in only one or two episodes or miscellaneous bad guys aren’t acceptable, however.

Because of the nature of this community, it is necessary to use pairings, and therefor there should be romance within the fics. Pairings from any fandom are acceptable, provided you still achieve a crossover. Feel free to write shounen ai/yaoi, yuri/shoujo ai fics should they strike you. Don’t feel to pressured with the romance issue, either—“romance” can be as light as a crush or as down and dirty as you want; the piece does not need to be solely centered around a relationship. Because you’re not limited to a single pairing and there are thirty prompts, we ask that you don’t write more than two of the same pairings. Preferably each piece should feature a different pairing, but for some who may not be familiar with enough series that may be too much to ask.