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07 June 2008 @ 08:50 am
theme no. 87 (multiple personalities; behind the mask; what lies beneath)  
Title: Morning Bliss
Author: Anaraine
Theme(s): #87 multiple personalities; behind the mask; what lies beneath
Summary: Bakura is not so nefarious as he would like people to believe...
Pairing/Characters: Bakura x Makoto x Ryou
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: I do not own Sailor Moon & Yuugiô, or their characters and plotlines. I am neither receiving payment for this work, nor to I intend to accept any. I am borrowing the characters.

Makoto blinked slowly as soft rays of early morning sunlight filtered through the window. She turned her head to the side and frowned slightly as she caught sight of the curtains only halfway closed.

"Hope nobody was spying through the window last night," she muttered under her breath, propping her hands underneath her to push herself into a sitting position. The blue silk sheets pooled around her waist as she stretched her arms high above her head, and then squeaked as a firm arm curled itself around her stomach and pulled her back down into the bed.

"Bakura!" Makoto hissed.

"Too e'rly to get up," he mumbled into her shoulder, absently pressing butterfly kisses up her neck. "Stay h're with me, love."

Feeling her lips twitch up into a smile, Makoto sighed and resigned herself to another morning spent in bed. It was strangely sweet how the infamous Thief King Bakura was fond of cuddling in the morning. This was the third time this week he'd managed to convince her into just lying there, instead of bustling about the kitchen getting ready for the day. It was really hard to say no to sweet nothings and chaste kisses, especially since it was from Bakura.

Ryou was generally the more gentle lover, but ever since Bakura had taken to staying with her during the night instead of relinquishing control back to Ryou, he had been tugging her back into bed in the mornings and well, softening, for lack of a better word. He was giving her tentative smiles during the day when no one was watching, and his eyes would soften when they caught sight of her across the room. He'd even kissed her in front of the Yuugi-tachi the other day, which was a complete surprise, for them and her. He had shoved Ryou to the front of their consciousness right after, however, to give the impression that Ryou had been kissing her instead of him (which soothed the frazzled nerves of Jounouchi-kun and Honda-kun, who immediately began to tease Ryou).

Yuugi-kun's bright and smiling eyes, however, told her that he knew what happened. She just hoped that he didn't tell Atemu-kun about it. While the strange hatred that existed between Bakura and Atemu-kun had lessened a good deal after they had both chosen to return to the future, they still sniped at each other and she wouldn't put it past either one to dig up blackmail material.

"'Kura, you need to wake up, love," Makoto murmured, shifting to press a kiss on the side of his mouth.

"Too e'rly," Bakura grumbled, his arms curling around her body and pulling her flush against his.

"As much as I would love to spend the rest of day in bed, love, Ryou's got to get to work, and so do I. You can sleep in your soul room."

Bakura's eyebrows creased as he frowned, but he finally opened his eyes to press a warm kiss to her mouth, sweet and lingering, before pulling back slightly. When Makoto opened her eyes again, rich chocolate had replaced carmine, and Ryou pressed another soft kiss to her mouth.

"Good morning, Mako."

"'Morning, Ryou."

Soft fingers trailed along her skin before reluctantly moving away and pushing the sheets down towards the foot of the bed. He held out a hand for her and she took it gratefully, allowing him to pull her out of the bed.

"I don't suppose we have time to shower together, do we?" Ryou asked, smiling gently.

Makoto looked over to the alarm clock and quickly calculated the time needed to get ready. "If we hurry–" she began.

"Good," Ryou exclaimed, swinging her up into his arms. She squealed at the sudden movement, but quickly looped her arms around his neck.

"You're insatiable," she smiled into his collarbone.

"I won't deny that," he grinned back at her as he stepped into the rather large shower stall. "Besides, Bakura's been hogging you."

Makoto laughed, loud and bright. "You'll have to take that up with him, darling. I love you both, but I'm not going to mediate that discussion."

"Mmn, just wait until Ishizu figures out how to give him his own body."

I hacked off about half of this and rewrote the end when I realized I was straying from the theme... ><;; I think it ends too abruptly, but I couldn't figure out how I wanted to end it without straying... a lot. I'm fond of the beginning though.

Ha. I finally finished one. And I think this is going to be the proper kick in the pants, because now the rest of my started 30_houshin drabbles are coming together nicely into proper shots.

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nynevesinspirations on June 8th, 2008 05:29 pm (UTC)
Very cute! I don't think the ending was too abrupt at all. You clearly demonstrated both sides of the Bakura/Ryou coin then cut it before breaking the balance. Can't wait to see what else you've got up your sleeve!
(Deleted comment)
Anarainebeneathsnow on June 22nd, 2008 07:15 am (UTC)
Oooh, you lovely wonderful person you. This is what I needed to hear. And what you asked for was a lot of the stuff that got cut out. Because I ended up flashing back to when they had first met and how things snowballed into their current relationship. But It was just taking forever, and I'm really bad at finishing long things. Because I love to write longer stories, but they continue... and never seem to stop properly. So I have to actively chop my work and make things stop.

I'm re-editing this shot into a version 2 novella, that isn't focused mainly on the theme. I am actually really unsatisfied with this version, but I wanted to get one out there, dammit.

Thanks again! and I'm sorry I didn't reply sooner; I was out of town.